What has been happening at Family Life Services and how YOU can help

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued serving those who think they might be pregnant, are pregnant, or are parenting young children. By God’s grace, through the generosity of our previous donors, we have responded to over 300 requests for help. 

Though much of the world has “sheltered in place,” the essential care we provide cannot wait.

The communities we serve are among those most severely impacted by COVID-19 in Michigan. Precautions are in place to protect the health and safety of our clients and staff, while doing everything we can to provide desperately needed services, supplies, and information.

  • Using telehealth, our compassionate RN and Client Services team are providing accurate information and arranging for free medical pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. We have incorporated secure video conferencing into our ministry. Our Scripture-based Share Group for clients has become a weekly conference call.
  • In the past 8 weeks, we have given over 14,000 free diapers plus wipes & formula to families in challenging situations. We have provided many free layettes to new mothers. The two mini layettes pictured together provided essential items to bring twin girls home from the hospital. The large layette is a “baby shower in a gift bag,” helping provide for baby’s first 3 months home. All this has been made possible by previous gifts from our generous donors.
  • Our Easter letter reached over 5,000 souls, sharing our confidence in the risen Lord and his resurrection message: “do not be afraid.” We shared links to over 45 Christian ministries that have supported Family Life Services, inviting those we serve to pray with our church partners online.
  • For nearly 2 months, every day at 2pm, FLS staff and volunteers join together on a conference call to pray for all connected to our ministry and all impacted by this pandemic.

God’s love and provision have been evident every day.

And yet, as needs have significantly increased, donations to Family Life Services have significantly decreased. During this pandemic our online giving has dropped by 65%. In April alone, financial donations to our ministry dropped by over $10,000. This is challenging for our donation and volunteer based charity.

There are three ways you can support our ministry during these challenging times.

  1. Please pray for us. Contact PrayerTeam@flscenter.com for specific prayer requests.
  2. Provide essential supplies for our clients and ministry. We are low on baby wipes and diapers size 4, 5 & 6; see our amazon shopping list for additional items.
  3. You can donate securely online, or call the FLS office at 734-434-3088.

Every prayer, action and donation makes a difference. Your generosity will have an immediate impact.

Thank you for considering this request. God bless you.

Yours for life,

Teresa Kasperick-Postellon, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Family Life Services of Washtenaw County